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   "On adventure" at
   Niagara Falls holding
   Daddy’s "big mirror."
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About Martina Derrer, Author

Martina Derrer is a professional writer with a passion for nature.

"I have loved nature forever. My childhood home was surrounded by untamed forest. My mother had to check my pockets regularly for snakes and caterpillars.

"Today, most children don’t get to interact with nature the way I did as a kid, so I share my passion as a volunteer naturalist at Montreal’s Ecomuseum Zoo.

"When I see people light up at the sight of a wolf, it’s a special kind of excitement; as if they are re-connecting to something deep within themselves."

It’s this connection to wildlife that led Martina to explore First Nations traditions.

"First Nations people have a reverence, an understanding of all living things that is essentially lost in today’s techno-driven world. I’ve found that discovering one’s birth totem is a great way for people to get re-acquainted with a world that is a critical part of all of us. After all, it’s nature that sustains us, not the other way around."


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